Service Design: Designing for Experience Over Time

Introducing Our New Course – Service Design: Designing for Experience Over Time

We’re pleased to announce a new online course offering – Service Design: Designing for Experience Over Time. This training program helps you leverage methods of design thinking in order to produce new and compelling service and system designs. It serves as a foundation for thinking about the behavioral touchpoints a user may have with your company, and how those touchpoints can be better designed to support a more comprehensive and purposeful brand experience.

The training program’s primary emphasis is on diagramming and storytelling. You’ll learn to create quick, low-fidelity representations of ideas, so you can test these ideas and improve upon them. By embracing diagramming, storytelling, and rapid prototyping, you’ll be prepared to introduce a culture of making into your company or organization. You’ll understand how to visualize complex ideas, how to minimize complexity, and how to simply illustrate changes in a complex system.
This course is right for you if you are:

  • An individual creative contributors, looking to expand their skillset to include a focus on services and systems thinking
  • A directors, responsible for shepherding and managing creativity in teams
  • A business leaders, interested in bringing new forms of creative problem solving and design thinking into their groups in order to change and direct the organizational culture

Explore Service Design: Designing for Experience Over Time here.

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