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What is value?

Value is often considered “how much someone will pay.” This is structured atop a neoclassical view of economics: there’s an equilibrium between the cost of a product and the amount someone is willing to pay for it, and consumers go out of their way to maximize around and with that equilibrium.
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The Future of Aging


When I Get Old, Shoot Me In The Head is an exploration into the inevitability of technology as a well intentioned support structure for aging. These ideas aren’t necessarily good or bad – but they sure seem likely.

The hidden skill: thinking in systems

Design started as an aesthetic activity. Industrial designers were frequently called upon to “do the plastics” and wrap components in a pretty shell. But even before the design thinking madness took over, designers have been advancing their purview and perspective, and exploring more and more of design problems and opportunities.
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Won’t someone think of the children?

“Technology is going to revolutionize education.” If you believe the hyperbole, computation and digital devices will save the students, crafting the future of learning. But it’s unclear exactly what it will save them from; it seems more likely that it will obscure their need for some fundamental educational experiences.
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