Alexa Hoisager

Alexa Hoisager

Alexa is the Director of Communications and Marketing at Modernist Studio. Prior to that, she was the Communications Director at the Texas Senate, and a Communications Associate at the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation. Alexa has a degree in Journalism from Baylor University.

Money Isn’t Everything.

I came from a world where college was a given. My public schools were ranked among the best in the state, and I had a support network of teachers, family and friends who believed in me. Subsequently I made mostly A’s, did my homework and was an involved student. I graduated near the top of my high school class before I had a fulfilling four years at Baylor University. I graduated college debt free and had the support I needed to find my first job with relative ease. Read more…

Think Like a Designer

Here at Modernist Studio, we create products that solve problems for real people. We also believe in humanizing design, and that requires educating people about the way our process works in a scalable way. It’s doesn’t always come easy, but it’s a process that often transforms the way businesses approach and execute on new ideas. Read more…

A Look Into the Experience Economy

In a recent roundtable, we spoke to strategists from some of the leading financial institutions in the country about shifting cultural perspectives around money and careers. Our parents taught us to save and not to overspend, but the youngest generation sees the world a little differently: salaries spent on luxury apartments, spontaneous flights to Santorini, concert tickets to Coachella and flexible work gigs to make it all possible. Read more…

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