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How I Teach: Treat curriculum design like a design problem

When I was 24, I was looking for a career change. I found a job at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD)—a large art school in Savannah—teaching industrial design and interaction design. I got the job in June, and would start teaching in September. I had three months to prepare to teach four classes, and I was panic-stricken. I had no idea what to do. Read more…

The hidden skill: thinking in systems

Design started as an aesthetic activity. Industrial designers were frequently called upon to “do the plastics” and wrap components in a pretty shell. But even before the design thinking madness took over, designers have been advancing their purview and perspective, and exploring more and more of design problems and opportunities.
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Design Is A Mess.

Design is muddy and frustrating and wonderful. The artifacts we create during the process are sloppy and incomplete and fleeting. And for all of our efforts to jam creativity into the confines of business, design floats on the brink of manageability, hanging in the balance between being a driver of innovation and total chaos.
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